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Medical Staff

We take extraordinary pride in our plastic surgery services!

Allow us to introduce the AB Medical team, consisting of professionals who possess both technological expertise and exceptional character.

AB Plastic Surgery Clinic takes immense pride in our exceptional
medical staff, who possess a remarkable combination of skills and know-how.


Plastic Surgeon

  • Dr. Jooyeon Kim
    Dr. Jooyeon Kim
  • Dr.Sunghwan Ma
    Dr.Sunghwan Ma
  • Dr. Sungho Park
    Dr. Sungho Park
  • Dr. Inho Bae
    Dr. Inho Bae
  • Dr. Chaneol Seo
    Dr. Chaneol Seo
  • Dr. Ikhyun Seong
    Dr. Ikhyun Seong
  • Dr. Cheonho Song
    Dr. Cheonho Song
  • Dr. Hyojeong Shin
    Dr. Hyojeong Shin
  • Dr. Seunghyun Ahn
    Dr. Seunghyun Ahn
  • Dr. Jeonghwan Lee
    Dr. Jeonghwan Lee
  • Dr. Jongseok lee
    Dr. Jongseok lee
  • Dr. Jiseong Lee
    Dr. Jiseong Lee
  • Dr. Jinho Lee
    Dr. Jinho Lee
  • Dr. Jihyeok Jeong
    Dr. Jihyeok Jeong
  • Dr. Kyusnag Jo
    Dr. Kyusnag Jo
  • Dr. Dongpil Jo
    Dr. Dongpil Jo
  • Dr. Jaeik Choi
    Dr. Jaeik Choi


  • Dr. Heeji Shin
    Dr. Heeji Shin
  • Dr. Sanghyun Lee
    Dr. Sanghyun Lee

Specialist Anesthesiologist

  • Dr. Yongseok Gwon
    Dr. Yongseok Gwon
  • Dr. Taeung Kim
    Dr. Taeung Kim
  • Dr. Yunsang Park
    Dr. Yunsang Park
  • Dr. Sojeong Yoon
    Dr. Sojeong Yoon
  • Dr. Dongyeon Jang
    Dr. Dongyeon Jang
  • Dr. hyeon Cheon
    Dr. hyeon Cheon
Opening Hours
  • WeekdayAM 10:00 ~ PM 7:00
  • SaturdayAM 10:00 ~ PM 5:00
  • Evening HoursAM 10:00 ~ PM 09:00 (Fri)

*Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

AB Plastic Surgery Korea

Medical Institution : AB Plastic Surgery 3~4F BLOCK 77 Building, 17, Seocho-daero 77-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (Line No.2, Gangnam Station, Exit No.10)
Business Registration Number : 542-40-00868 TEL : 02-512-1288 FAX : 02-512-1298 E-mail:admin@abplasticsurgerykorea.com