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Mission & Value

AB Values

More colorful, more natural,
We will help you find the beauty you desire.



'A Hospital for the Ones You Love'

We have asked ourselves,
What kind of hospital should we create?
Why is our hospital needed?

We desired to establish a comforting hospital, one that cherishes individuals as significantly as our own family.

A medical team that treats patients with warmth and fosters emotional connections, Always accommodating and amiable staff in a clean and organized hospital environment, Unwavering dedication to prioritizing safety through meticulous attention to detail, Supplemented by the distinctive expertise and proficiency of our medical personnel, Witnessing patients' transformed and delightful appearances fills AB Plastic Surgery with an even greater sense of pride.

AB Plastic Surgery
AB Hospital consistently exudes a warm and cozy atmosphere.

During consultations at AB, you can truly sense the warmth. The medical staff dedicates ample time to engage in effective communication and establish emotional bonds with patients. Furthermore, our sincere counseling ensures trustworthy guidance and support for patients. All AB employees greet customers with kindness and genuine smiles. We are a hospital where warmth and coziness are always present.

AB Plastic Surgery
AB is a hospital renowned for its expertise and knowledge.

The medical staff at AB Plastic Surgery Clinic are skilled plastic surgery specialists who have gained their own expertise and advanced techniques during their tenure at Seoul National University Plastic Surgery Clinic. When you consult with a doctor at AB, they will personally perform the operation under their own name and take direct responsibility for post-surgery management. AB Plastic Surgery upholds honesty and integrity, ensuring there are no shadow doctors (ghost doctors) within the hospital.

AB Plastic Surgery
We strive for a perfect level of safety, leaving no room for even a 1% risk.

At AB Plastic Surgery Clinic, we prioritize the safety of our patients with meticulous attention to detail. Our hospital environment is consistently kept clean to prevent any external contamination. We are equipped with various emergency equipment, including a defibrillator, UPS emergency power supply, and emergency rescue kit, to handle any unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, we ensure thorough disinfection and individual packaging of surgical tool packs to prevent various infections. Only genuine surgical equipment and medicines with proven performance and safety are used in our procedures.

About the AB Safety System:
AB Plastic Surgery
At AB Plastic Surgery Clinic, our dedication lies in continual research and striving for improved results and patient satisfaction.

The destiny of a doctor is rooted in achieving favorable outcomes and ensuring patient contentment. The medical team at AB Plastic Surgery Clinic persistently devotes themselves to advancing plastic surgery technology and honing their expertise. While taking pride in our accomplishments, we refuse to rest on our laurels. Through a combination of academic pursuits and unwavering research efforts, we aim to continually enhance our results and the satisfaction of our patients.

Our aspiration is to be a hospital that instills confidence
when recommending it to our parents, family, and close friends.

AB Plastic Surgery Clinic is a trusted hospital that treats patients like family.
We strive to become a hospital that daughters can confidently introduce to their mothers and friends,
knowing that the care and service provided are of the highest quality and delivered with utmost consideration and compassion.



AB's relentless pursuit of beauty

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AB Plastic Surgery Korea

Medical Institution : AB Plastic Surgery 3~4F BLOCK 77 Building, 17, Seocho-daero 77-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (Line No.2, Gangnam Station, Exit No.10)
Business Registration Number : 542-40-00868 TEL : 02-512-1288 FAX : 02-512-1298 E-mail:admin@abplasticsurgerykorea.com