My Plastic Surgery Story

Eyelid surgery, nose job, fIncisional Ptosis Correction, Rhinoplasty (Hump Correction, Osteotomy), Facial Contouring (Cheekbone +Mandible Jaw+Genioplasty), Forehead Reduction, Fat Graftingacial contouring + forehead reduction

I would like to start of by talking about my eyes first.Let me talk about my eyes first. After like 5 months after the surgery, it really became natural and the new shape settled as I expected to be quite well,

and it definitely looks different comparing to my previous eyes.

Before the surgery, my eyes were far more smaller and protruded my eyes look way smaller and were kind of protrueded. 

However now when I check myself out in the mirror, I can definitely realize that it has enhanced a lot. 

I was kind of worried until 3 months after the surgery because I could not really feel anything around the area above my lashes, but now as the doctors said, the feelings are slowly coming back! 

I think like around three months? I still doesnt felt anything on area right above my lashes but now it slowly coming back!


Speaking of my nose, until last month I still felt uncomfortable when applying facial lotion on top of my nose, but now I don't have any problem with it, which I am thankful about hahaha! 

Also, now I can slowly start to blow my nose! Of course I try to be as careful as I can (just out of my own anxiousness), but I don't think there are any functional problems from my opinion. 

Overall, I really like the nose line as it looks compatible with my whole face line and I am so grateful to my doctor at AB!!

A lot of my friends asks me where I got my rhinoplsaty done lol :) 

Right now, besides from when I have to pick my nose, I don't have any inconvenience at all :).


Talking about my facial line, which was my insecurity my whole life, now I have ZERO insecurity about it!

Since I am not like a robot, of course it can't be 100% symmetrical of course haha, but it looks natural and much better than before!

I am not the type of a person who takes a lot of selfies but a lot of people who look at my face in real life often compliment me about my facial line that it looks smoother than before! 

Also, I am not experiencing any difficulties while chewing food so I am super glad as well haha. 


Finally, I also had my forehead reduced. At this point, the sensation around the area already came back! :) 

Every time I washed my hair, I was quite worried, thinking about when the sensation will come back. However,

now it finally came back, and I can confidently say that it was worth the wait!! :) thinking about when will the sensation came back 

The incised line is now mostly faded away. Eventhough it took quite a bit of time for me to recover comparing to other surgeries that I had,

I am super satisfied and now I feel much more confident~!~!!


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