My Plastic Surgery Story

I'm so happy because there isn't a single scar mark left.

So, I have got my eyes and facial contouring at AB, and I am so thrilled to write the review with my before and after photos of the surgery. 

First of all, I really want to share about how professional the doctors were in doing my surgeries, because before the surgery, I was really worried about "oh my gosh, what if the scar marks are huge, 

and what if cannot recover properly", and I also ended up asking the doctors multiple times about how much scars would be there and how long it would take to recover. (which may have bothered the

doctors too much hahah please forgive me). 

However, the doctors were super kind to answer me back everytime I asked, and they comforted me by saying that they will try their best and inhance my condition. 

After the surgery, at first I could definitely see a little bit of scars, but as the time passed, the scars disappeared completely, and I am so grateful that I made the choice to have the surgery at AB!!!

Thank you doctors for your hard work! 

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