My Plastic Surgery Story

Square jaw surgery, frontal chin surgery, and reduction of prominent cheekbones.

Now everything feels like my own face and I don't feel anything "foreign" anymore. Recently, I have been walking aroudn without my mask and a lot of people told me that my face is really small and I look like a doll now hehe :)

I think the doctor has inserted some sort of metal on my chin tip, but I absolutely have no issue with it; I was kind of worried whether it might have negative effect on my teeth and I went to the dentist to have a check and the dentist told me not to worry at all!

I am so glad that I got the surgery because before the surgery I used to get a lot of chin jillers, angled jaw votox, face contouring injection, and I honestly think it was such a waste of both my money and time haha :) 

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