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When it comes to male ptosis correction, inner double eyelid is important, not just mono-lid.


Hello, this is CEO, Dr Inho Bae, a plastic surgery specialist at AB Plastic Surgery.

Isn’t this a topic always asked during male eye surgery consultation? Mono-lid vs Double eyelid. 
Today I would like to share opinion on it. I hope this will be helpful to male when choosing eye surgery or ptosis correction.


When I consult with male patients who are considering eye surgery, they usually want to have their eyes look brighter and as natural as possible. Unlike female’s double eyelid, in male, if the double eyelid line is set high or canthoplasty is not performed, the size of the eyes themselves may become larger, but they may not match. Natural and clear eyes can be seen as an important point in changing the shape of the eyes to become longer and brighter rather than simply increasing the size of the eyes.



Q. I’m thinking about male eye surgery (ptosis correction), but I don’t know whether I should choose between mono-lid and inner double eyelid.



1.    Mono-lid surgery for male is considered to be performed only in a very small number of cases. The point of male eye surgery is to create beautiful inner double eyelid.


Sometimes, when you look at people who have undergone mono-lid ptosis correction, there are those who have natural and beautiful eyes. Conversely, for those who are considering revision due to failed surgery, there are cases in which revision is difficult due to severe eyelid scar adhesion. In particular, there are cases where revision is more difficult and complicated when epicanthoplasy is combined.

Therefore, if you are considering revision in the future, we do not recommend mono-lid ptosis correction. If you do not like the idea of having double eyelid, surgical methods such as sub-brow lift or forehead lift may be effective. As a result, it is important to perform male eye surgery considering the desired size of the eye and the degree of exposure of the inner double eyelid.





2.  When it comes to male eye surgery, natural ptosis correction is the most important.


The most important reason for ptosis correction is to create eyes that are not heavy or too much. That’s why it’s important to create natural, non-flashy lines within an appropriate range. Male, in particular, are very worried about having high double eyelid that make them look more obvious after surgery or look awkward. Also, unlike female, it is difficult for male to cover up surgical scars with makeup every time, and the burden of surgery is also greater, so they may be more stressed than female when the results are wrong than the desired eye shape. Therefore, rather than focusing on simply increasing the size of the eyes through ptosis correction, it is important to appropriately adjust the exposure of the pupils and white part of the eyes that are obscured by sagging eyelid or the inner and outer corners of the eyes.


To sum it up
“The focus is not just on increasing the size of the eyes, but on changing the shape of the eyes.”
“Ptosis correction within the appropriate range is essential and very important.”
“It must be natural.”
“Mono-lid X Inner double eyelid O.”

“It can be viewed as 4 points. As a plastic surgeon, this is my opinion based on the results of many eye surgeries, so I hope it will be some help to male who are considering eye surgery or ptosis correction when choosing. Above all, the best results can be achieved by planning surgery after accurately determining the individual’s eyelid thickness, degree of sagging, etc., and current eye condition through consultation and examination with a plastic surgeon. Thank you.”

If you have any further questions about male ptosis correction or eye surgery, please call 010-4393-1298 or through WhatsApp for more detailed consultation.






Writer. Plastic surgery specialist Dr. Inho Bae

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