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If one or two bones are protruded or overdeveloped, facial proportions can become distorted, leading to asymmetry. It's not only the facial bones that play a role, but also the structure of muscles influenced by habits, as well as the distribution of skin and fat. These factors can contribute to a curved face shape. By investigating and considering these various factors, we can uncover the true face of the patient.

AB, become even more beautiful safely.

AB, as a facial bone specialist with extensive experience, prioritizes accurate diagnosis, safe surgical methods, thorough safety checkups, and the use of state-of-the-art facilities. With a resident anesthesiologist present during surgeries, patient safety is ensured throughout the procedure. Additionally, AB provides real-time CCTV operation to monitor and address any potential concerns. With our unique know-how, AB aims to help patients achieve enhanced beauty while maintaining a focus on safety. We also provide aftercare kits to support patients during the recovery process.

Set of three facial contouring surgeries

3-set Facial Contouring

Personalized diagnosis for a tailored approach to enhance
your unique beauty and achieve optimal results.

Surgical Information

3-set Facial Contouring

Recommended Target
  1. 1. The angle under the ears is developed and the jaw is square.
  2. 2. The lower part of the face is asymmetrical or you want a slimmer face.
  3. 3. The width of the cheekbones is wide and the face appears large.
  4. 4. The cheekbones protrude, giving a strong impression.
  5. 5. The face appears bumpy due to prominent cheekbones.
  6. 6. The chin length is short.
  7. 7. The boundary between the chin and neck is unclear.
Surgery Duration
1hour ~ 2 hours
Anesthesia method
General anesthesia
In-hospital Treatment
2 times
Recovery Period
After 7 days

Set of Three Facial Contouring Surgeries: Surgery Method

Learn about AB Plastic Surgery's Set of Three Facial Contouring Surgeries Methods.

AB 4D Fix Cheek Reduction

Not a mini cheekbone, accurately with 4D Fix!

AB Plastic Surgery

Confident smooth cheekbones from any angle by pushing in the maximum protruding point of the cheekbones!

AB Plastic Surgery

Solid titanium double fixation to prevent non-union!

AB Plastic Surgery

Lifting effect by fixing the skin, fascia, and retaining ligaments connected to the cheekbones upward!

AB Plastic Surgery

Cheek sagging prevention with cheekbone and deep cheek fat removal without additional charge!

Square Jaw All Cut 4 Types

Square jaw + Upper jawbone + Cheek + Jaw muscles, All-Cut!

AB Plastic Surgery

With the long L-curve, smooth excision from the bottom of the ear to the front of the chin!

AB Plastic Surgery

Resect the wide and thick cortical bone to make it slim from the front!

AB Plastic Surgery

Excessive deep cheek fat is removed to complete a sleek face line!

AB Plastic Surgery

Maximize the square jaw reduction effect by reducing the developed masseter muscles!

Chin Tip Surgery

The base of the pretty face shape - chin tip.

AB Plastic Surgery

Naturally, with a personalized design considering length, width, and protrusion at the same time!

AB Plastic Surgery

Harmonious balance can be achieved through surgery that considers facial proportions, such as addressing concerns like a short chin.

AB Plastic Surgery

Smooth on the outside and inside without worrying about stair effects and secondary angles!

Before & After Facial Contouring

AB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic Surgery

Surgical site

Set of Three Facial Contouring Surgeries [Square Jaw + Cheekbone Reduction + Chin Tip Surgery] / Forehead lift / Face Fat Grafting 9 months after

Safety system

Through the establishment of various safety management systems,
patients can undergo surgery more safely.


Full-time Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiology specialist monitors the patient in real-time during surgery and performs double and triple checks through a central monitoring system.


Real-time Monitoring During the Anesthesia

The entire process of the surgery, including pre-, during, and post-surgical procedures, is managed in real-time with a full-time anesthesiologist.


Safe Medical Examination Before Surgery

For safer surgery, we have established an in-hospital examination system. This allows us to perform a comprehensive pre-operative examination.


Highest Standard Safety Equipment

Through the establishment of various safety management systems, we ensure that patients can undergo surgery safely and with peace of mind.

Make your own plan for Korean Plastic Surgery

Please note that the actual medical schedule may vary depending on each patient's individual condition,
such as health status, and the specific surgical procedures involved.

Tailored to meet individual needs,
our service ensures that your medical tourism journey is plannedwith the utmost care and precision, considering your unique medical requirements

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