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Create slim and elegant nose

By reducing the overall width of the nose, we can achieve a slim nose shape that matches the facial proportions and balance.

Concerns because of the big nostrils

Even if a patient wants to reduce the size of the nostrils, we do not simply consider the shape of the nose as the only issue. Accurate diagnosis is performed to prevent any potential functional problems that may arise from the surgery. Instead of following a specific surgical method, alar resection can be performed in various ways depending on the patient's condition.

Create Slim and Elegant Nose

Alar Resection

A harmonious and refined nose line is created by reducing
a broad alar base.

Surgical Information

Alar Resection

Recommended Target
  1. 1. Those who have a wide nose bridge and a flattened nose that makes the nose look low.
  2. 2. Those with thick skin at the tip of the nose and rich in subcutaneous tissue and fat.
  3. 3. Those with excessively thick and large lower nose cartilage.
  4. 4. Those who want to change to a sharp nose through alar reduction.
Surgery Duration
Anesthesia method
Partial anesthesia/Sedation
Inpatient Treatment
Not required
Suture Removal
After 7 days
In-hospital Treatment
2~3 times
Recovery Period
After 7 days

Alar Resection Surgery Method

Learn about AB Plastic Surgery's Alar Resection Surgery Method.

Large Nostrils

When the alar appears wide due to large nostrils, we cut a portion of the nasal tissue from the alar
and suture the incisions to achieve a narrower and more proportionate alar base.

Surgery Method

The inner skin of the alar is cut

Surgery Method

The nostrils and suture are reshaped

Wide Lower Nostrils

When there is excessive tissue on the nostrils or the nostrils themselves are not large, but the lower part of the nostrils appears wide,
the alar is narrowed by making small incisions in the lower part of the nostrils and using stitches to narrow the alar region.

Surgery Method

The thread at both sides of the alar is inserted

Surgery Method

The thread are pulled to narrow the alar

Before & After Rhinoplasty

AB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic Surgery

Surgical site

Incision eyelid correction / Epicanthoplasty / Lateral сanthoplasty / Lower сanthoplasty / Under eye fat repositioning / Fat grafting / Rhinoplasty [Nose osteotomy / Bulbous nose] / Alar resection 2 months after

Safety system

Through the establishment of various safety management systems,
patients can undergo surgery more safely.


Full-time Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiology specialist monitors the patient in real-time during surgery and performs double and triple checks through a central monitoring system.


Real-time Monitoring During the Anesthesia

The entire process of the surgery, including pre-, during, and post-surgical procedures, is managed in real-time with a full-time anesthesiologist.


Safe Medical Examination Before Surgery

For safer surgery, we have established an in-hospital examination system. This allows us to perform a comprehensive pre-operative examination.


Highest Standard Safety Equipment

Through the establishment of various safety management systems, we ensure that patients can undergo surgery safely and with peace of mind.

Make your own plan for Korean Plastic Surgery

Please note that the actual medical schedule may vary depending on each patient's individual condition,
such as health status, and the specific surgical procedures involved.

Tailored to meet individual needs,
our service ensures that your medical tourism journey is plannedwith the utmost care and precision, considering your unique medical requirements

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