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Are you considering revision rhinoplasty?

Dropping nose tip, unsatisfactory nose line, crooked nose after the surgery, bulbous nose, hump nose, upturned nose with thin skin after the surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty requires more caution

After checking the patient's skin condition, the revision rhinoplasty can be done without difficulty as long as the skin stretches well. To determine the side effects or risks of the revision surgery, the doctors decide on the desired shape and surgical method with the patients through a more precise diagnosis and examination.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

We analyze the reasons for the failed rhinoplasty precisely
and create the shape that the patient desires.

Surgical Information

Revision Rhinoplasty

Recommended Target
  1. 1. Those who have a wide nose bridge and a flattened nose that makes the nose look low.
  2. 2. Those with thick skin at the tip of the nose and rich in subcutaneous tissue and fat.
  3. 3. Those with excessively thick and large lower nose cartilage.
  4. 4. Those who want to change to a sharp nose through alar reduction.
Surgery Duration
30 mins
Anesthesia method
Partial anesthesia/Sedation
In-hospital Treatment
2~3 times
Recovery Period
After 7 days

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

Learn about AB Plastic Surgery's Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Method.


AB Plastic Surgery

In Case the Implant Moves
If the implant moves when touched by hand, the silicone is usually removed and then repositioned correctly between the bone and the periosteum, or it is replaced with Gore-Tex.


Sergery Method 02

In Case of Inflammation
In the case of inflammation following nose surgery, it is crucial to visit the hospital immediately for a diagnosis. The inflammation is typically treated with an antibiotic injection. If the inflammatory response is severe, the implant and inflammation are removed through surgery, and a revision surgery is performed afterwards.


AB Plastic Surgery

In Case the Implant Is Visible
When the skin becomes thin after rhinoplasty and the implant becomes visible, the implant that was inserted during the first rhinoplasty is usually removed. It can be replaced with a different material, or the implant can be covered with an artificial dermis to improve the appearance.


AB Plastic Surgery

In Case the Shape of the Nostrils Has Changed
If the shape of the nostrils has changed following rhinoplasty, it can be corrected by repositioning the alar cartilage, correcting the nasal septum, or lowering the wings of the nose through skin grafting.

Before & After Rhinoplasty

AB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic Surgery

Surgical site

Incision eyelid correction / Epicanthoplasty / Lateral сanthoplasty / Lower сanthoplasty / Under eye fat repositioning / Fat grafting / Rhinoplasty [Nose osteotomy / Bulbous nose] / Alar resection 2 months after

Safety system

Through the establishment of various safety management systems,
patients can undergo surgery more safely.


Full-time Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiology specialist monitors the patient in real-time during surgery and performs double and triple checks through a central monitoring system.


Real-time Monitoring During the Anesthesia

The entire process of the surgery, including pre-, during, and post-surgical procedures, is managed in real-time with a full-time anesthesiologist.


Safe Medical Examination Before Surgery

For safer surgery, we have established an in-hospital examination system. This allows us to perform a comprehensive pre-operative examination.


Highest Standard Safety Equipment

Through the establishment of various safety management systems, we ensure that patients can undergo surgery safely and with peace of mind.

Make your own plan for Korean Plastic Surgery

Please note that the actual medical schedule may vary depending on each patient's individual condition,
such as health status, and the specific surgical procedures involved.

Tailored to meet individual needs,
our service ensures that your medical tourism journey is plannedwith the utmost care and precision, considering your unique medical requirements

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