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Refined and Elegant Nose Tip

Surgical Information

Short Nose Rhinoplasty

Recommended Target
  1. 1. Individuals with an overall low nose.
  2. 2. Those who are concerned about a low nasal bridge making the forehead appear wide.
  3. 3. Individuals with a nasal bridge lower than the tip of the nose.
  4. 4. Those with a smaller proportion of the nose compared to the face.
Surgery Duration
1 hour ~ 1 hour 30 min
Anesthesia method
Inpatient Treatment
Not required
Suture Removal
After 7~14 days
In-hospital Treatment
2~3 times
Recovery Period
After 7 days

Short Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

Learn about AB Plastic Surgery's Short Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Method.

Upturned Nose

If the columella is turned up compared to the nasal alar, we transplant additional cartilage
between septal cartilage and alar cartilage to lower the nose tip and make your nose looklonger.

Surgery Method

Septal cartilage graft

Surgery Method

Lowering of the nose tip

Nose with Upturned Nostrils

Even if only the nostrils are lifted, the tip of the nose can seem lifted.
If you cut the top of the nasal cartilage and fix it down, the tip of the nose goes down, and the nose looks longer.

Surgery Method

Detachment of the alar cartilage at the tip of the nose

Surgery Method

Lowering and fixing the nasal alar

Short Nose

Chondroplasty, cartilage grafting, and rhinoplasty techniques are performed
to lengthen the entire length of the nose from its starting point to the tip.

Surgery Method

Autologous cartilage graft

Surgery Method

Lowering the nose tip and lifting up the nose bridge

Before & After Rhinoplasty

AB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic SurgeryAB Plastic Surgery

Surgical site

Incision eyelid correction / Epicanthoplasty / Lateral сanthoplasty / Lower сanthoplasty / Under eye fat repositioning / Fat grafting / Rhinoplasty [Nose osteotomy / Bulbose nose] / Alar resection 2 months after

Safety system

Through the establishment of various safety management systems,
patients can undergo surgery more safely.


Full-time Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiology specialist monitors the patient in real-time during surgery and performs double and triple checks through a central monitoring system.


Real-time Monitoring During the Anesthesia

The entire process of the surgery, including pre-, during, and post-surgical procedures, is managed in real-time with a full-time anesthesiologist.


Safe Medical Examination Before Surgery

For safer surgery, we have established an in-hospital examination system. This allows us to perform a comprehensive pre-operative examination.


Highest Standard Safety Equipment

Through the establishment of various safety management systems, we ensure that patients can undergo surgery safely and with peace of mind.

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