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Korean Plastic Surgery Guide: Procedures, Costs, and Tips for Foreigners

Exploring the World of Korean Plastic Surgery


Korean Plastic Surgery: Overview

Plastic surgery in Korea involves advanced techniques aimed at enhancing appearance while retaining naturalness. South Korea is now a global hub for these procedures due to its high standards, innovation, and remarkable results. Many choose Korea for plastic surgery, valuing both its medical excellence and cultural richness. This post guides foreigners considering surgery in Korea, providing key insights for an informed decision.




Why Korea is a Popular Destination for Plastic Surgery among Foreigners

Korean Plastic Surgeons' Global Acclaim

Korean plastic surgeons are globally respected for their expertise, combining skill and artistry to enhance natural beauty. They have rigorous training, a grasp of aesthetics, and uphold safety and ethics.



Leading Tech in Korean Plastic Surgery

Korea boasts cutting-edge plastic surgery facilities with innovations like 3D imaging and minimally invasive techniques, ensuring effective, safe treatments.



Affordable Quality Procedures in Korea

Korea attracts many foreigners with its high-quality yet competitively priced plastic surgery. The cost is often lower than in Western countries, without sacrificing quality. Customized packages also cater to various budgets.




Detailed Look into Korean Plastic Surgery Procedures Offered at AB Plastic Surgery 

At AB Plastic Surgery Korea, we specialize in an array of aesthetic procedures tailored for diverse needs and preferences.



Eye Surgeries in Korea

Eyelid Correction

This corrects asymmetries in the eyelids, possibly by removing excess skin or fat. It rejuvenates the eyes, giving them a refreshed appearance.


Double Eyelid Surgery

A sought-after procedure that forms a crease in the upper eyelid, enhancing the eyes to appear larger. The final result is natural and harmonious.



This adjusts the outer part of the eye, resulting in a desirable almond-shaped appearance. It's for those aiming to refine their eye shape.


Under-eye Fat Repositioning

This procedure tackles under-eye bags and puffiness by repositioning the fat in the lower eyelid area. It gives a youthful and rejuvenated look.


Middle Age Eyelid Treatment

Specifically for middle-aged clients, this addresses age-related concerns by possibly removing excess skin and reducing wrinkles.


Revision Blepharoplasty

For those unsatisfied with prior blepharoplasty outcomes, this corrective surgery aims to achieve the initially desired results.


Eyeline Lift

This procedure elevates the natural line of the eyes, creating an alert and youthful appearance, and can be combined with other surgeries for a cohesive look.


Get more detailed information on eye surgeries in Korea in our blog post: Transform Your Look with Korean Eye Surgeries: A Comprehensive Guide



Facial Contouring in Korea

Comprehensive Facial Contouring Services

We provide various facial contouring services at AB Plastic Surgery Korea, enhancing natural features through bone and soft tissue adjustments for a harmonious look.


Set of Three Facial Contouring Surgeries

Our package encompasses three main surgeries like cheek reduction, jaw adjustment, and chin tip surgery for a comprehensive facial transformation.


Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

This procedure diminishes prominent cheekbones, offering a more balanced facial profile.


Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

The square jaw reduction aims to narrow a broad jawline, delivering a V-line or softer jaw shape.


Chin Tip Surgery

Chin tip surgery tailors the chin's appearance, either augmenting or reducing its size, based on client preferences.


Forehead Reduction

This procedure minimizes a high forehead, creating facial symmetry. It's ideal for those self-aware about a larger forehead.


Facial Implant

These procedures use designed materials inserted into the face to enhance its structure, targeting areas like cheeks, chin, and jaw.


Soft Tissue Contouring

Soft tissue contouring refines facial features, giving a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.



Male Plastic Surgery in Korea

Male Eye Shape Correction

Tailored for men, this enhances the eye shape for a balanced, masculine look.


Male Blepharoplasty

This procedure refines male eyelids, removing excess skin or fat for a rejuvenated appearance.


Male Rhinoplasty

Specifically for men, this service modifies the nose while preserving a masculine profile.



Nose Surgery in Korea

Autologous Cartilage Rhinoplasty 

Uses the patient's own cartilage to reshape the nose, known for natural results.


Flat Nose Rhinoplasty 

Tailored for flat or wide noses, it adds definition and projection to the facial profile.


Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty 

Refines rounded nasal tips, creating a streamlined and harmonious appearance.


Hump Nose Rhinoplasty 

Reduces the nasal bridge's hump for a smoother profile.


Short Nose Rhinoplasty

Corrects disproportionately short noses, enhancing facial balance.


Alar Resection 

Reduces nostril width for a more proportionate nose, ideal for those with wide nostrils.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Corrects issues or dissatisfaction from previous nose surgeries.


Implant-free Rhinoplasty

Enhances the nose using the patient's tissue, avoiding synthetic implants.


Functional Rhinoplasty 

Addresses structural nose issues affecting breathing, such as a deviated septum.


Middle Age Rhinoplasty

Addresses age-related nasal changes, aiming for a rejuvenated look.



Anti-aging Procedures in Korea

Upper Blepharoplasty

Targets the upper eyelids to offer a more alert, youthful eye appearance.


Lower Blepharoplasty

Focuses on the lower eyelids, reducing bags, wrinkles, and sagging for a fresher look.


Double Chin Lifting

Reduces excess fat and skin under the chin, enhancing the jawline and neck contour.


Thread Lift

A minimally invasive facelift using sutures to lift skin and promote collagen production, resulting in a youthful appearance.


Mini Lifting

Addresses early aging signs in the lower face and neck, concentrating on sagging and wrinkles with small incisions around the ears and hairline.


Forehead Lift

Rejuvenates the upper face by reducing wrinkles, lifting drooping brows, and minimizing forehead lines, with techniques like endoscopic and open brow lifts.



Breast Surgeries in Korea

Breast surgeries comprise various procedures aiming to enhance, balance, or rejuvenate the breasts, offering individuals a harmonious and confident appearance. One key surgery is breast augmentation.


Breast Augmentation

This surgery involves implants or fat transfer to modify breast size, shape, or symmetry, restoring volume and boosting self-image.


Motiva Breast Implants

Motiva implants stand out for their natural feel and safety. They offer multiple customization choices and feature benefits like reduced complications and a lifelike movement, ensuring attractive results.


Mento Breast Implants

Mento implants are durable, customizable, and known for maintaining their shape. They offer lasting results and a fuller, balanced breast appearance.


Sebbin Breast Implants

Sebbin implants emphasize quality and safety, with various options catering to personalized aesthetic goals.


Breast Lift

Mastopexy or breast lift elevates and firms the breasts by removing excess skin, reshaping them for a youthful appeal.


Breast Reduction 

Reduction mammaplasty removes surplus breast components to achieve a proportionate size, alleviating discomfort from large breasts.


Nipple Surgery

This focuses on reshaping the nipples, encompassing procedures like nipple and areola reduction.



Dermatology Clinic in Korea

At our dermatology clinic, we provide advanced treatments to revitalize your skin and accentuate your beauty using the latest technologies, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Here are some key treatments we offer:



Ultherapy, a non-invasive method, employs ultrasound energy for skin lifting and tightening. By boosting collagen production, it offers a rejuvenated look with minimal downtime.


Thermage FLX

This non-invasive procedure uses radiofrequency to smoothen and contour the skin while spurring collagen production. With little to no recovery time, patients can quickly resume daily activities.



Shurink uses focused ultrasound energy for skin lift and tightness. It encourages collagen regeneration with a brief recovery phase.



Derived from salmon DNA, Rejuran repairs skin, enhances hydration, and elasticity through micro-injections. Post-treatment recovery is quick, revealing visible improvements in weeks.



Exosome therapy uses vesicles with growth factors for skin regeneration. Applied via serum, it improves skin texture and promotes collagen, offering a fresher appearance with minimal recovery time.




Plastic Surgery in Korea: Pre-arrival Preparations

Researching and selecting a reputable plastic surgery 

Begin by researching clinics specializing in your desired procedure. Assess surgeons' qualifications, technologies, and patient outcomes. Check for board certifications and reviews across various platforms. Engaging with past patients for feedback can be insightful.



Setting a budget

After selecting a clinic, determine a comprehensive budget. Factor in surgery costs, pre and post-care, travel, accommodation, and any unexpected expenses. Include leisure activities like sightseeing. Request a detailed quotation from the clinic, including possible auxiliary services.



Visa arrangements for medical tourists

With your clinic and budget set, apply for a medical visa. Korea offers specific visa types for medical tourists. Begin the process early, consulting the nearest Korean embassy for documentation. Stay updated with official sources, and seek guidance from your chosen clinic if needed.



Language considerations: communicating with your surgeon and staff

While many in Korean medical facilities speak English, learning basic Korean can be helpful. Ensure the clinic has English-speaking staff and that you can communicate with your surgeon effectively. Familiarizing yourself with relevant medical terms in Korean and having a translation app can also be beneficial.




Plastic Surgery Consultation in Korea

Making the Most of Online Consultations

Before arriving in Korea, utilize online consultations provided by many clinics. This initial step helps establish a connection with potential surgeons, letting you gauge their approach. Use this chance to talk about your aesthetic objectives, understand the surgeon's expertise, and voice any surgery-related apprehensions.

For a productive consultation, research the procedures you're considering. This equips you for a deeper conversation, setting clear needs and hopes. Have your medical background ready to discuss potential risks. Take notes for reference during your decision-making.



Preparing a List of Questions

Before your consultation, prepare a thorough list of questions addressing all uncertainties and interests. This might cover the surgeon’s experience, technology used, expected results, risks, recovery details, and any post-operative support from the clinic. Also, ask for past patient photos for a realistic outcome preview. Your list should cover all surgery facets to ease concerns and ensure you're well-informed.



Understanding the Surgical Plan and Recovery Timeline

Before committing, understand the customized surgical plan for you. Ask for a step-by-step procedure breakdown, including techniques, surgery duration, and anesthesia details.

It's vital to know the recovery timeline. Discuss the healing trajectory, expected rest period, follow-up visits, and activity restrictions post-surgery. This information aids in planning your Korea stay, allowing sufficient recuperation time.

A thorough discussion pre-surgery readies you mentally and lets you manage personal and professional commitments, ensuring a relaxed recovery.



Traveling to Korea for Plastic Surgery

Travel Tips: Accommodation, Local Transportation, and Currency

Plan diligently for a seamless Korean surgery journey. Choose accommodations near the clinic for post-surgery ease. Serviced apartments or hotels with kitchens are advisable for tailored meals. For commuting, Korea's public transport is affordable and efficient, but consider taxis after surgery for comfort. A translation app can assist with language barriers. While credit cards are widely accepted, keep some Korean Won for minor expenses. Opt for banks or local exchange services for favorable rates.



Cultural Considerations: Respect and Understanding of Korean Culture

Enhance your visit by respecting Korean traditions. Acquire basic Korean phrases for everyday conversations and observe local customs, such as slight bowing. Be aware of dining customs and the norm of removing shoes in homes or traditional lodgings.



Making Your Stay Comfortable: Tips on What to Pack

Pack light, loose clothing for post-surgery convenience. Include essential hygiene items, crucial medical documents, and a universal adapter for device charging due to plug variations.




Plastic Surgery in Korea: Post-surgery Care and Recovery

What to Expect Immediately After Surgery

After surgery, you might face discomfort, swelling, or bruising. The medical team will oversee your early recovery and advise on pain management.



Recovery Timeline and Tips to Aid Recovery

It's vital to know the recovery phases. The first days demand rest and minimal activity. Adhere to all post-op instructions and medications. Gentle exercises, as recommended, can expedite healing.



Possible Complications and How to Handle Them

Though complications are uncommon, stay alert for infection signs or abnormal symptoms. Immediately reach out to your surgeon if concerns emerge.



Making the Most of Your Trip to Korea

Sightseeing Options for Before and After Your Surgery

Before surgery, dive into Korea's rich heritage at places like Gyeongbokgung Palace or admire art at Seoul Arts Center. Don't miss the serenity of Nami Island. As you recuperate, consider guided tours that offer a relaxed glimpse into iconic locales. Options include leisurely street food explorations or cultural tours highlighting the Korean Hanbok.



Korean Spas and Wellness Centers for Post-surgery Relaxation

Post-recovery, immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experiences at Korean spas. These centers combine modern and traditional wellness approaches. Seek out spas offering post-operative treatments, such as lymphatic drainage massages. Also, experience Jimjilbangs, traditional bathhouses with varied healing rooms.



Shopping and Culinary Experiences to Enjoy During Your Recovery

Korea's shopping scene ranges from upscale Gangnam areas to vibrant markets like Dongdaemun—bargaining can fetch great deals. As for dining, explore Korea's diverse culinary delights, from classics like Bibimbap to contemporary dishes, ensuring a flavorful recovery journey.




Returning Home After Plastic Surgery in Korea

Post-surgery Care After Returning to Your Home Country

Once home, closely follow the post-operative instructions from your surgeon. Ensure cleanliness of the surgical site, take prescribed medications, and adhere to activity restrictions. A balanced diet and hydration are key to optimal healing.



Seeking Follow-up Care in Your Home Country, If Necessary

If unexpected symptoms arise, promptly seek local medical attention. Maintain a record of your surgery and post-operative phase to provide comprehensive information to your local healthcare provider.

In concluding this guide on plastic surgery in Korea, the emphasis is on thorough preparation. Korea, renowned in plastic surgery, combines advanced techniques with an innate sense of aesthetics. Beyond surgery, the nation offers a blend of cutting-edge medical care and enriching cultural and wellness experiences, culminating in both a physical and introspective journey.

However, this journey is deeply individual. While information is vital, prioritize your comfort and listen to your body. It's about a personalized experience, shaped by informed choices, empathy towards oneself, and genuine aspirations.

Share your stories, seek advice, and approach this transformative chapter with open-mindedness and clarity. We hope your experience in Korea leads to safety, fulfillment, and an enhanced sense of self. Wishing you a rewarding journey and a vibrant new chapter ahead!



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